My most provoking thoughts this week…………

It’s 9:00 a.m on the first day of June in the year of 2010. I am in the city courthouse by scheduled appointment to offer my support for some individuals I am in relationship with. Not being familiar at all with this setting nothing prepared for me what the morning would hold for my emotions.

Feeling confident that the day would go smoothly as planned, we headed into the courtroom to await our turn. 

For those who have been in this situation before you would know that even though you are to be there for 9:00 a.m. that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be heard and seen at that time. In fact it can take all day depending on how things are moving along.

The court we were in was for youth and young offenders under the age of 18.  My son and I are sitting there listening to each case and young person go before the judge one right after the other. We observe the process and the reactions to it from each individual. It was so eye-opening to observe all that was happening in the lives of those around me for this short time.

As each young person goes before the Judge she asks them the question “do you have a parent here with you?” So many answered NO it was shocking to me. My heart begins to hurt as one after the other went before the one who had all the power and authority to help in part decide their fate for this season of their lives some with no one there to show them they care.

I had noticed for a while now that there was a woman who looked about my age sitting alone. I found myself watching and waiting for her child to come to sit with her. Each time the door opened and new people entered the courtroom I wondered if it would be a girl or a boy to sit with her. I thought perhaps they  were talking matters with duty counsel or in the washroom.

Well, as the morning went on, there was a name called and out of a side door came two police officers. I could hear chains clanking and much to my surprise escorted in was a young tall man in with shackles around his legs. He was led into a plexiglass stand as the date was determined by the Judge and lawyers as to when he would appear again in court.

I then realized he did have a mother in the courtroom. It was the lady who had sat alone all morning, there to support her son as he too stood before the judge like the others. Even if for a mere 4 minutes to see and support her son. I am sure it was well worth the morning’s wait.

My heart literally ached as I felt my emotions overwhelm me inside and felt the tears well up. Oh the heartache of this mother who wouldn’t be leaving with her son that day. The pain she must feel as she watches as her son is escorted in with shakes on his ankles. For those of you who are mom’s I know you can imagine the immense pain this mother must be feeling.

I began to wonder to myself, how she must feel. As I sat there realizing how blessed my family is and how blessed each one of my children are to have such an incredible support system around them. One that is filled with love, accountability, nurturing, grace, mercy and encouragement. Many have helped in speaking into my children’s lives and I am eternally grateful for that. I love those people and they know who they are and these are some of the greatest gifts to us!

But wait……….what about the families who don’t have this? What about the mom’s who don’t have a strong leader speaking into their children’s lives? What about the father’s who love their kids dearly but don’t know how to train and equip their sons and daughters with the right tools? What about the young men and woman in that court who are angry don’t know where to turn. What about the ones who stood alone that day?

I wondered about that mom inparticular….I bet she felt as though she were in a prison too. Perhaps a prison of guilt, shame and fear? I don’t know and may never know what went through the hearts of all those who were in that courtroom that day. But I can say that I believe what is in the hearts of all us is revealed in one way or another throughout the days of our lives…………..

What can we do to help? Impart and mentor? Pray for those who have no one praying for them….oh yes this is the greatest gift we can give to those who  we might not be able to touch in a tangible way by relationship. We can touch the heart of a heavenly father on their behalf………….for the mothers,fathers and the young people who find themselves without hope and before a judge in one sort  or another, I pray for hope and the love of God to find them and release all of them from their prisons.

I will never forget that day and I will never forget the type of picture of life that is for so many.

I want to say that the judge that day was an extraordinary  woman, one who had no problem using her authority but one who also had a measure of grace extended to those who did nothing to deserve it but some were very grateful for it!

We too have done nothing to deserve grace, and all of us at one time have sat in a place of judgement by way of being judged or judging others……perhaps we can take a closer look at GRACE that is who I want as a friend!

Remember this……not one of those kids in that courtroom ever dreamed of being a criminal or an offender,  if you ask any little boy or girl what they want to be when they grow up that is not what they dream of…….however life happens and sometimes it isn’t good for many a folk……….and there are consequences to wrong choices, forgiveness must be received and asked for, and retribution must be made in the courts of man. I agree totally, but today I am speaking from a heart posture, kinda like the courtrooms of our own hearts………our own internal justice system……..what we hold on to and what we let go of………..what we deem as pardonable and what we deem as not………

This is what has been on my heart this week…………..bye for now

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Ruth begins to glean in the fields…..little does she know…..

Oh man can you imagine gleaning in a field, picking up morsels that the reapers left behind on purpose mind you but non the less morsels. What she doesn’t realize is she is gleaning in a land that she already owns but doesn’t know it. I mean it’s  her’s in the spirit she doesn’t know it yet. It’s hers because God has destined it to her. I wonder how many of us have spent years gleaning in a field living of meager morsels without even realizing that we actually own that field and all that it bares!!!!!!!! Oh man how quick my thinking shifted when I saw this. It belongs to her because she is about to encounter Boaz with him she has favour with all by God’s design.

So as the story unfolds we see in chapter 2:5 that Boaz notices her…..

to be continued……………

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The awesome partnership of powerful women..

How amazing is it when two people partner together in unity even though tough circumstances thrust them into a journey that left an inheritance that we are apart of today! Wow now that is soooooooooo deep! It is though isn’t it? YES IT IS….

So Naomi’s husband dies and then her two sons die as well.  ( Ruth 1: 5 ) So she takes her two daughter in-laws to Judah. She tells them to return to their mother’s house and kinda feels the weight of her circumstances upon her and gets a little hopeless and some self-pity comes in. Oh like we all can’t relate to that one eh? ( isn’t that just the worse place to be in self-pity, no way of hearing what the redemptive part of it is going to but having a tea party with the old vision stealer himself! ) Believe me I can personally so relate to Naomi and where she allowed herself to go for a while.

So as we know Orpah goes her way and Ruth decides to stay and here is where this partnership takes a shift…..don’t you just love it when she declares to her mother in law that she will go where she goes and her people will be her people and her God will be her God………now that is some kinda linking and a wonderful picture of unity! I love it!

So they go into Bethlehem and the city was moved about them! ( Ruth 1: 19 ) They stirred up the city and I believe in the spirit that the Gates were open to them because that was the place of their destiny! Wahooo don’t you just want to ask God to open up the gates of the city or cities that are apart of your destiny? I certainly do! To think it was death that lead them there…..oh doesn’t that just make you think! Little did they know the plan of God was about to unfold that would change history!

Two women partnering together show up to a country right at the beginning of barley harvest….

What do you think is about to happen………I don’t know about you but this story is so filled and layered with truths that apply to our lives today if we have eyes to see and ears to hear!

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Hello world!

Wow so here we are first day of me sharing my world to the whole world! Isn’t it just neat how life is sometimes? To think how far we have come in such a short time, tis life and that’s the way it just seems to go!

To be honest, this is my outlet and serves my heart right for the time being, perhaps that will change I am not sure, but for now welcome to my world and by some chance maybe we can touch each others lives with the words we right about the days we spend on this earth.

For some these days are most blessed and for others perhaps not so….either way I find each human being’s story the most fascinating of all things to learn of. What makes us who we are and what does are heart serve the most in life. Each one would have their own story to tell.

So here I go…..telling you mine.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a friend. My name is Pamela Miller and I live in Canada, oh the beautiful country of Canada. My husband is American and well I love that country too! We are a blended family with 6 children between us! Yep the Brady bunch we are…..however we have only 4 at home with one who is about to take flight on her own in a couple of weeks… so that makes three at home and three on their own. Life is so interesting…….and we learn everyday from our own children. Ok enough on the family tree we can visit that another time….


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